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An ornamental material consisting of crystalline aggregates of green zoisite with ruby inclusions. also recently discovered in Tanzania.

Appearance The ground color is bright green, forming a striking contrast with the isolated crystals of ruby which are bright red (although nontransparent). some tens of millimeters in size, and evenly distributed throughout the mass. The overall effect is very pleasing and this material is sawn, turned, sculpted, and polished mainly into items such as ashtrays, boxes, and small carvings.

The use of diamond—tipped tools obviates the problem of the difference in_hardness between zoislte and ruby.

Distinctive features The general appearance is unmistakable. There is nothing else like it in the mineral world.

Occurrence As already mentioned. this material is found in appreciable quantities in Tanzania, which supplies both the ornamental material and collectors" markets.

Value Given its strikingly beautiful appearance, even to the uninitiated, and its reasonable hardness, it is prized as an ornamental material. The price of items made of massive green zoisite depends. of course, on the quality of the workmanship.

Simulants and synthetics It has neither been imitated nor produced synthetically.

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