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This is the pink variety of quartz found in anhedral massies rather than distinct crystals.

Appearance Due to minute inclusions of foreign substances,_sometimes roughly oriented by the crystal rose quartz is always somewhat milky rather than transparent. The color is generally a very delicate soft pink which is probably brought out by the stone's relative lack of transparency. Stones may exhibit cloudier patches or streaks and may have a discontinuous look. The internal cloudiness is often due to cracks or discontinuities, which make this the one type of quartz that is somewhat brittle. It is pierced and made into necklace beads, engraved and fashioned into pendants, or made into small sculpted ornaments ments.

Occurrence Rose quartz is not very plentiful and mainly comes from Brazil, the United States, and Madagascar.

Value It is valued as an ornamental material for its very attractive color and comparative rarity, but this is offset by its tendency to be brittle.

Simulants and synthetics It is imitated by glass designed to simulate not only the color, but the internal streaks. This process, however, often produces air bubbles, clearly visible under a lens.

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