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    Introduction to Rutile Quartz
    Rutile Quartz is one the best Natural Gemstone that we are manufacturing and selling. Rutile Quartz comes in Black, Golden, Copper, Yellow etc. colors. This amazing natural stone seems like man made because of its beauty. Needles or hair inside rutile quartz are really magical.

    This article will cover following information about Rutile Quartz.

    1. Manufacturing and supply of Rutile Quartz by Indo Gems
    2. Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts availability in Rutilated Quartz
    3. Price range of Rutilated Quartz
    4. Jewelry Use of this Stone
    5. Current Market of Rutile

    All about our Manufacturing and Supply of Rutile Quartz

    Indo Gems and Minerals is working in Gemstones industry since last 10 years. Our prices are competitive with very fine quality because of our own manufacturing unit of Gemstones in Pakistan. We have direct source of Rough in Pakistan & Afghanistan and other countries. We have many different qualities in Black Rutile Quartz, Golden Rutile Quartz, Rutile Quartz Cabochons.

    Colors, Qualities, Sizes and Cuts

    This stone comes in many colors like Black, Golden, Cooper, Yellow etc. Quality factor is needles o hair inside Stone. If stone is heavily loaded with hair inside then it is not the sign of good quality. Limited needles with proper arrangment makes it elegant.

    When we talk about sizes then it comes in calibration to free sizes. Big sizes are more popular because of use in Jewelry as pendants. Different cuts and shapes are available in all colors like Faceted, Cabochons, Beads, Flat bottom etc. Round, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Square, Oval and other shapes are available in all colors.

    The interesting fact about Rutile Quartz is that Rutile is the only semi precious gemstone that is valued for its inclusions. Limited Needles or hair inside stone gives a fascinating look. Any rutile quartz that has full of hair doesn’t look good.

    Price range of Rutile Quartz
    This stone is very very cheap when it comes to its natural beauty. Prices starts from 0.50$/carat and goes high according to qualities. Big size rutile Quartz Gems are more cheaper than Calibration because of low costing in Production. We are selling lots of thousand carats also at very minimum prices.

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    Bi-color Quartz Natural Gemstone is varied minerals on earth, possess property of transparent, with vitreous luster and are available in green-gold-black bi-color with micro flower cut, Nugget Shape.

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