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This varie_ty is very plentiful, but probably the least appreciated of all the zircons.

Appearance it is a brown color, which can vary from “black tea" to reddish brow_n, tobacco, or yellowish brown, all of which are uncommon in other gems. The luster is as fine as that of other types of zircon. Oval or round mixed cuts are the most common and the edges are often a bit chipped, as frequently happens with zircons.

Distinctive features The luster and marked birefringence are highly characteristic and easily established. The color is also distinctive as a rule. Only a few tourmalines or quartzes can resemble it, but they are quite different in other respects. Brown zirconhas the brittle edges and physical properties of high zircon, with a distinctive ab sorption spectrum.

Occurrence Various shades of brown zircon come from Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia; and Sri Lanka.

Value Brown zircon is quite plentiful and not highly prized, even compared with other zircons, the color not being compatible with modern tastes in jewelry. Its value. therefore, is distinctly low, even for a secondary gem.

Simulants and synthetics Because of its own low market value, it is not imitated, nor is it produced synthetically.

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