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Sale! 2 Carat 100% Natural Emerald Gemstone Afghanistan Ref: Product No 158

2 Carat 100% Natural Emerald Gemstone Afghanistan Ref: Product No 158

Product No 158

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Emerald Properties and Emerald Benefits: Love, domestic bliss, sensitivity, loyalty,memory, mental capacity, harmony, focus, eliminating negativity.

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Name Emerald
Weight in Carat 2
Color Green
Shape Octagonal
Clarity S1
Size in (mm) 9 . 8 . 4
Luster Good
Treatment None
Birthstone Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)
Origin Afghanistan

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(You are Buying 100% Natural / Real / Genuine Emerald)

Emerald Properties and Emerald Benefits: Emerald, which is a Gem of Beryl family, is a silicate of beryllium and aluminum 3BeO.Al2O3.6SiO2. The color of Emerald is mainly due to traces of chromium replacing aluminum ions in the hexagonal beryl crystal.

It has a specific Gravity of 2.71, mean refractive index is 1.58 and hardness is 7.5 on the Moh’s scale

Emerald Gemstone is most valuable gemstone and demand of this gemstone is very high now-a-days. Emerald for wisdom and intellect, Creativity, Emerald for Financial Growth, Emerald for Communication, Emerald for physical health, Emerald for Marriage and True, Emeralds can Make One Famous

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